Our Services

Sharafi Real Estate has highly experienced teams focussed on real estate in UAE with sector specialists for the City of Dubai, Jebel Ali and the New Dubai expanse like Arabian Ranches, Greens, TECOM, Dubai Marina and the DIP areas. Our key commercial and residential property disciplines include:

Building & Facility Management (AMC)

Sharafi Realestate provides facilities management and support services to a dozen properties across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman – maintaining and operating commercial and residential buildings to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the occupants and the owners.

Our expertise mainly includes the use of manpower and resources to maximise returns from the properties, enhancing value and reducing costs, whilst ensuring that properties meet the demand of the occupants, owners and the businesses that are being operated from the said property.

We ensure that our client’s properties are fully functional and operational as they should be, ensuring statutory compliance from the relevant authorities like civil defence and other security and environmental protection agencies and maintaining the workplace, parking facilities, lifts, common areas, lighting, security systems, alarm systems, air conditioning units and other essential systems inside to ensure people live, play, work safely and comfortably.  Our technical expertise and capabilities include engineering, cleaning, maintenance, health and hygiene, plumbing, electrical wiring & maintenance, masonry and other kind of related services.

Buying & Selling

Sharafi Realestate is mainly involved in buying and selling of properties such as commercial buildings, residential complexes and villas, warehouses, plots, land etc. We provide access to a streamlined buying or selling process that offers listings, tips, expertise, tools, advise and manpower to make the buying and selling experience easier and more affordable.

Whether you are looking to put your office, home, villa, warehouse or other kind of property on the market or you want to find the perfect new place for your business, storage, accommodation, residence or any other needs, Sharafi Realestate can help you with buying and selling properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. No matter where you are located, our team of dedicated and professional real estate agents can help you buy or sell quickly and move into the perfect new locale right away.

Our team at Sharafi Realestate, with full knowledge of the UAE property market, are eager to help you make your task to buy or sell a property in Dubai and the rest of the UAE a success. If you’re thinking about buying or selling your home, office, apartment, villa, land, warehouse or any other kind of property, contact Sharafi Realestate today to get started!

Rentals & Leasing

Sharafi Realestate’ property and leasing department is focused on forging long-term tenant relationships with their respective owners and landlords. 

Whether you are a developer, owner, investor, individual, corporate entity or a representative from a public sector, we go at length to scout prime piece of real estate for you, across UAE.

With our rich history and tradition of rental and leasing in the UAE markets, we bring a strategic, focussed and proactive rental & leasing approach to both residential and commercial real estate assets so that our clients can reap the benefits of continuous financial growth – thereby earning successful returns on rented / leased residential & commercial properties along with asset protection for owners in general.

Sharafi Realestate also offers relocation services for prospective tenants who are based in the United Arab Emirates or who intend to make their base over here. We are more than glad to help our prospective clients to make hassle-free and lively transition in order to make every occupant feel like a home away from home. Yeah, we do offer you a second home at the locale of your choice – anywhere in the UAE!

With over two decade of experience, ASF Investment offers a variety of services to both prospective occupants, landlords, owners, investors, corporates, individuals and government agencies. We also provide property marketing via various means, documentation, inspection, estimation, costing, property related customer support, compliance and guidelines, relocation services, rental management and property management services.

Apart from these services, ASF Investment provides other kind of services related to the real estate sectors, mainly:


·         Building Management

·         Real Estate Development

·         Interior Designing

·         Real Estate Advertising